How To: Eat Nachos for Breakfast

How To: Eat Nachos for Breakfast

This is my spin on chilaquiles, which I’ve only ever seen in blogs.  But they look like exactly what I want to eat for breakfast these days.  I’ve been eating all the spicy food I can get my hands on, which has mostly included Mexican and Thai every single day for the last 2 weeks.  I’m ok with it though, as long as I can put a healthier spin on the basics. 

I’m going to get down to it today because I’m about to go make tacos for dinner!  (I’m definitely not expecting- I realized the onset of spicy food cravings could signify that, but no. I’m just in a jalapeño phase right now.). Enjoy this.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Serves:  1

Difficulty Level:  Easy


10-15 corn tortilla chips (I like cantina thins)

½ cup salsa or enchilada sauce

Cooking spray

2 eggs

Fresh veggies, such as chopped tomatoes, radishes, and jalapenos


  1. Add the tortilla chips and salsa to a skillet, and gently toss together to combine.
  2. Heat the skillet over medium, and cook the chips and salsa until softened, and you can smell the salsa heating up.
  3. Meanwhile, chop up the veggies you want to use.
  4. When the tortilla chips have softened and warmed, gently add each egg to the pan right on top.
  5. Cover the eggs to help cook evenly, and cook to your desired temperature. Five minutes brought me to this medium-done egg.
  6. Remove from heat, top with veggies, and enjoy hot.