Transforming 90s Drab Into Cinderella’s Carriage

Transforming 90s Drab Into Cinderella’s Carriage

Whenever I look for furniture to re-do, one of the musts is that it’s solid wood (as opposed to pressed wood or whatever they call it- basically sawdust mixed with glue).  Solid wood is easier to work with and make look right, as opposed to gimmicky.  I went out shopping, sort of indiscriminately, for furniture for my new apartment.  I needed literally everything, 30704905_657750461230260_1367822944120813997_nso I was okay starting with anything.  I immediately thought about this one color and theme I’ve avoided in my own house until now:  blush, cream, silver and mixed metals.  It’s super girly and doesn’t lend itself to being butched up, but I love it.  And seriously, of all times in my life, what’s a better time to do it than now?  So I started with a chair:  a blush, velvet, tufted armchair.  It’s awesome, and it’s sitting in a storage unit near my new apartment until I can move it.  Once it’s all in, I’ll definitely take pictures.  With that chair as the inspo for the whole place, I went on to Goodwill to see what I could make work.  I got a few toss pillows for $2-3 each and washed them on high because seriously, toss pillow are like $35 each at even reasonably priced stores.

Then I went to Goodwill and saw this ugly table, but I kind of immediately thought it would work in my new apartment.  With some scraping, a few coats of paint, and some sanding, I turned this ugly Brandon’s-drab-living-room-on-90210 coffee table into my brand new Cinderella’s carriage coffee table!  My new apartment is set to be super girly and cozy, with lots of lush fabrics and cool, soothing tones.  This table will be right at home.  So here’s the finished table, and I can’t wait to share the finished apartment! 

For this standard-sized table, I used 8 ounces of off white latex paint from Target (in a 30741160_657750477896925_8318637397729827701_n.jpgsmall jar), one can plus a tiny bit more of silver metallic spray paint (also from target), some medium and fine graded sandpaper, and a 1 ½ inch angled brush.  First, spray paint the legs in a well-ventillated area with the table upside down.  Once that’s dry, turn the table upright, and paint the wood part with the grain, 3-4 coats.  Next, touch up any spray painted area you may have missed with the table upright.  Finally, sand down the wooden surfaces for a more “lived-in” look.