How To: Make a Hydrangea Mason Jar Centerpiece

How To: Make a Hydrangea Mason Jar Centerpiece

When I was a kid, the attic was up a staircase in my bedroom.  I used to go up there and create all kinds of little things with paint, plaster, yarn, everything.  I faded out of that when I got older and would roll my eyes at the thought of doing crafty things in my 20s and early 30s.  I guess it was about 2 years ago that I realized I could make little things around the house, and this is the first one I feel is pretty enough to share.  I actually saw this on pinterest, but it was a link to an Etsy shop.  Really though, this ended up being so simple, I didn’t even need instructions.  So easy, but look how pretty!  

I like stuff that can transition with the seasons, so I think it would look beautiful with these light pink hydrangeas for spring, more greenery for summer, orange for fall, and red for winter.  The low level of the centerpiece is perfect for a casual setting because it’s not overwhelming.  The off-white paint and light brown box go with almost any other colors, so it’s a great backdrop for your favorite color flowers.  I like pink for now because it’s a little Valentines-y, and it also matches my tablecloth.  

So here’s what you’ll need to make these:

IMG_5115-internal1 – Shallow Wooden Tray/Box:  I got mine from Target, and it’s actually meant to be a drawer organizer.  Mine is 14 inches long, and comfortably holds 4 pint-sized mason jars

4 –  Pint Sized Mason Jars (not wide mouth):  You can buy these in 12-packs anywhere, and sometimes from Goodwill.  I like to wait until I have a Joann Fabrics coupon to buy stuff like this because it doesn’t usually go on sale

1 – Bag of Decorative Excelsior (aka cheap mossy filler):  I’ve seen it in green and tan, and either would be pretty.

1 – Roll of Twine (about 2 feet per jar)

1 – Can of Spray Paint:  Get matte finish, Country White.  You’ll barely use any of this, and it’s a great color to have on hand (I have a wall of family photos where I sprayed all the frames this color to neutralize the colorful photos).

4 – Artificial Hydrangea Sprigs:  You may be able to find them individually, but I bought a big bunch for $8, and it had 8 sprigs on it.

You’ll also need scissors to cut the twine and some wire cutters to cut the flower stems to size.

To make the centerpiece

  1. Start by spray painting the jars in a well-ventilated area.  Do it with the opening facing up, and get one good layer on them.  Don’t worry about the bottom because it will be covered.
  2. Once the jars are completely dry, you can add the twine.  Cut a 2 feet piece, and wrap it twice around the jar before tying in a simple bow.  Try to center it so the bow is in front of the jar logo.
  3. Line the jars up in the wooden tray, evenly spaced.  Use the decorative excelsior to fill in any empty spaces.
  4. To cut the flowers to size, hold the top of the hydrangea at the top of the jar (at the height you want it to stand).  Use the wire cutters to snip off any extra stem.  Do this until its the exact height you want.  I overestimated at first because I didn’t want to cut too much off.  Just cut conservatively, and repeat until you have it the length you want.
  5. Display proudly!