Dieting & Weight Loss: I Need Motivation (plus a really easy way to switch up breakfast)

Ugh!  I need motivation.  I am going to start weighing myself every day.  I am also going to wait until I’m hungry to actually eat.  When I do eat, I will eat the stuff I bought for myself instead of indulging on something junky.  

913PO-DFayL._SL1500_I keep lots of Fiber One stuff (my favorites are the Cinnamon Coffee Cake Bars and the Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies).  I also bought these Scandinavian Crispbreads (thank you, The Skinny Confidential, for introducing me).  

I will also eat a mini meal at lunch instead of leftovers, meaning a small Lean Cuisine-type meal or a veggie burger or a scramble with no dairy.  

What are your hardest hurdles for weight loss?  I also need 91ynUeM7VOL._SL1500_.jpgto get reacquainted and comfortable with that slightly empty feeling in my stomach.  Once you get used to it, it actually feels a lot better than feeling full.  Feeling full = feeling fat.  

This morning I’m 160 pounds.  Goal is 150.  Actual goal is 145.  Let’s stay motivated.  When I lost weight last year, I was 150 last fall.  I think I got cocky (which is what I tend to do once I’ve lost weight), and then I slowly gained it back.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!  But I need to look at myself in the mirror and check my weights and measurements every day, or else it will not work for me.  

81HfCp-U9nL._SL1500_.jpgAnother thing I do is make things lighter, like Red Beans and Rice with turkey sausage.  This seems like a great idea, but I actually end up eating more of it because it’s “healthier.”  The better thing for me to do, and what I did last year, was eat a tiny portion of the real thing and have a big salad, soup, or scramble to accompany it.  

Also, here’s an easy way to change up breakfast if you’re an egg person like me.


Poached Egg on Toast with Furikake

Total Time:  10 minutes

Serves: 1

Difficulty Level:  Easy



1/2 cup Distilled white vinegar

1 slice Dave’s Killer Bread (I like Seeds the Day- lots of texture!)

1 large egg

1-2 teaspoons Furikake seasoning



  1.  Bring a shallow pot of water plus 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar to a simmer.  I
    trying to capture the whirlpool effect…

    usually turn it up to high for a minute and then down to medium low.  Once it’s simmering, use a whisk to create a whirlpool in the pot.

  2. Meanwhile, toast your bread the way you like it.  I like mine barely toasted at all.
  3. Crack an egg into a ramekin, and carefully slide it into the middle of the whirlpool.  The whirlpool helps the egg stay together instead of “stringing out” all over the pot.
  4. Use a slotted spoon to remove the egg once it the white has finished cooking.  If you nudge the egg, you should be able to see that the white has solidified and the yolk is still liquid.  This takes about 3-4 minutes on my stove over medium low heat.
  5. Transfer the egg to the toast, and sprinkle with the Furikake seasoning.  Break the yolk, and enjoy!

[here’s a good link about overcoming the first few days of dieting.  This is technically my 3rd day of eating good.  I will get through this.]