Fall happened, & I’m watching BLL for the 8th time

And I actually quit Facebook for a week, and counting. It’s been a relief. Since then I’ve read 100 pages of Big Little Lies, which is the first non-audio book I’ve read in almost 2 years. I blamed it on having a baby, but I think it’s just laziness, a short attention span, and an addictive personality.  But at this rate I’d like to leave the account deactivated for good and just live life in the 3-dimensional world instead.

If I’m not good enough friends with someone to talk outside of Facebook, than I don’t think I’m that good of friends with them.  I read this today and enjoyed it.  Even a small Facebook break can be a good thing. At its best, Facebook is a way to keep track of friends. At its worst, it’s a time suck that makes you pissed off at politics/the state of the world and simultaneously make you jealous of people you used to know.  Seriously- not worth it, and I’m having no regrets.  Full disclosure:  I reactivated today for about 10 minutes to let Harry see pictures of his half brother, whom he’s never met. It’s Harry’s birthday, and we were looking at his baby pictures, and he wanted to see them again (they share the same father).  Of course I can’t deny him that- especially on his birthday!  But I deactivated again right after.


If you haven’t watched Big Little Lies on HBO, you have to! I’m even late to the game, but it might be my favorite series in years…like maybe since Desperate Housewives.

Today was the first day I wore a sweater the whole day and didn’t regret it.  And I put my electric blanket on my bed, and that’s my signal that summer is gone. Living on the eastern seaboard makes me appreciate all the seasons. Just when you start getting sick of the weather, it usually changes. In Florida it was summer 24/7, and it got old.

I also came up with a new favorite drink, which involves rosé, and I’ll post it soon. G’night!