Bargain Shopping at ALDI

I finally worked up the nerve to go into Aldi even though it’s been here for months now.  I knew about the differences between Aldi and a regular supermarket- no bags, pallets in the store, cart rental for 25¢.  But I wasn’t wanting to go when I needed a bunch of stuff, only when I had time to stroll and really gauge the store.

So I actually went yesterday and again today. I like it!  Just note:  they don’t have everything a regular grocery store has. Don’t go in there looking for Lean Cuisines or Pringles.  Go in there for what I consider commodities: eggs, bread, basic produce, grains, snacks.  Oh, and pizza!  A generic Tombstone is $1.99 — that’s cheaper than even Walmart, which generally corners the market on that type of stuff. Also- chicken strips/nuggets/etc.

Also, each time I got in, the cashier gave me 4 $5 coupons that go for the next few weeks- $5 off any $30+ order.  That makes up for any military discount I might get at another store.

So, my favorite item from Aldi?  This chopped kale salad mix!  It was like coleslaw with shredded kale instead of cabbage, plus cranberries, sunflower seeds, and dressing. I served it last night with some gnocchi I’m working on for another post. That kale salad is actually why I went back today— I putting some chicken on it for my dinner. Instead of the dressing it comes with (which is good- citrus vinaigrette, but high calorie), I’m using Skinnygirl Honey Dijon.

Edited:  I have gone back 2 times since this post.  Both times I was able to use the $5 off $30 or more, which was a huge savings.  Some other big bargains I got included $.75 for big bags of chips including generic Doritos, Cheetos, and Lays (for my boys’ sleepover), a pound of thick-cut bacon for under $5, 48 ounce cartons of ice cream for $1.99, macaroni and cheese dinners for $.25, soup for $.45!  I also got diapers there- a 60 pack of size 6 for $12.  I’m picky about diapers, and actually my favorites are Wal-Mart brand.  I used to like Target, but they’ve changed and no longer fit Beau well anymore.  And I’m much to thrifty to even buy Huggies or Pampers!

What’s your favorite thing you’ve gotten at Aldi?