8 Healthy Back to School Snacks

8 Healthy Back to School Snacks

It’s that time of year again- #2 Pencils, pink pearl erasers, and kids coming home hungry af at 2:30, and me feeling guilty giving them saltines and Little Debbie’s if I can help it. Here are some ideas to get your creativity going again.

  1.  Lovely Little Kitchen:  Waffle Pizza Pockets.  Quesadillas are one of my kids’ favorites– and they’re perfect for a last minute dinner and for cleaning out your fridge. I don’t know about you, but I always have extra tortillas in the freezer. Corn works too, but I especially like the idea of doing a “pizza spin” on one of their faves.Easy-Waffled-Pizza-Pockets-4.jpg


2.  Mandy’s Recipe Box:  Strawberry Oat Smoothie.  Smoothies are one of the first snacks I started to give Harry when he was a toddler. To this day, it is a snack everyone–even the grownups– can get on board with. Adding oats makes it technically a full meal (especially if you add Greek yogurt). In any case, a loaded smoothie with oats, Greek yogurt, and maybe a little peanut butter– it’s a solid, drinkable meal for picky kids and toddlers.Strawbery-Oatmeal-Smoothie-A.jpg


3.  Recipe Runner:  Cinnamon Apple Energy Bites. These are such a good recipe method to have in your arsenal. They’re customizable little bites that can sustain kids for that period between 3 p.m. and dinner time.CinnamonAppleEnergyBites1.jpg


4.  Gimme Delicious:  Healthy Bake Broccoli Tots.  I’m an adult that loves tater tots, you? And these are not only simple to make (and you could absolutely make a ton in advance– bake and freeze– but they’re also baked, not fried, more vitamins, and fewer carbs! Then just toast or microwave before serving. broccoli-tots-21-of-29


5.  Cincy Shopper:  Homemade Graham Crackers.  These are soooo adorable. Now I totally understand you can buy graham crackers for like $2, but there’s something to be said for making things by hand– not all the time, but when you can. Cooking also really relaxes me, so this would be a good project for a slow day. When I got back from Maryland, after not cooking for a week, I made 5 new recipes (and blog posts) in 3 days. It really is my “zen” place. Homemade-Graham-Crackers-2.jpg


6.  The Organic Dietitian:  Pumpkin Apple Fruit Leather.  Now I must admit, this is an arena I haven’t jumped into… yet. Did you love Fruit by the Foot as a kid? Me, too. This is a healthier, more customizable version. Apple and pumpkin– so fall and basic, I love that combo. image23.jpg


7.  Maebells:  Ranch Roasted Chickpeas.  I shared another version of these in a post about Super Bowl snacks. Chickpeas turn into crunchy, nutty snacks when you toast them. Again– customize. Ranch seasoning is always a winner. But what about cinnamon chipotle? Garlic and oregano? Cayenne and a little garlic? Curry? So many options…



8.  Joanne Eats Well With Others:  Peanut Butter and Jelly Chia Pudding.  I secretly (or not so?) love PB&J. LOVE! When Beau was a newborn, I ate a sandwich every day in the hopes that it would prevent peanut allergies because I breastfed . I don’t know if it prevented it, but he doesn’t have any allergies so far. If you do have allergies, sunflower seed butter seems to be a great alternative. My older kids love sunflower butter sandwiches at school, and they’re not allergic either. Anyway…chia pudding! It kind of amazing how those little chia pet seeds can make such a luxurious dessert– and it’s secretly healthy too!16314891579_93cb65bd42_b.jpg