Pretty Things: June 2017

Pretty Things:  June 2017

1.  How Sweet Eats:  Caramelized Peach and Lavender Scones. I don’t know how Jessica manages to make her food look light and airy, while at the same time cozy, but she does.  If you still haven’t been cooking with lavender, start!  It’s amazing and versatile –I use it in everything from scrubs to cookies, and you can even use it in savory dishes.  I bought mine here, and it has lasted a long time because a little goes a long way.  But oh, that intoxicating scent –take that and mix it with some sugary peaches?  Sounds like a perfect summer


2.  Wry Toast Eats:  Savory Goat Cheese and Tomato Pie. I’m a sucker for heirloom tomatoes, if not for the flavor, but also for the gorgeous color variations.  Unfortunately, a tart pan isn’t something I’ve invested in yet (still looking on my weekly trips to Goodwill!).  But I bet you could mimic this in a regular pie pan.Goat-Cheese-Tart-Overhead-2-700x1053.jpg

3.  Foodie Crush: Grilled Shrimp Vietnamese Spring Rolls.  I’ll sum up my summer food cravings in three words:  fruit, seafood, margaritas.  I don’t crave much bread or heavy food…or really any baked goods.  I want refreshing, clean, and crisp flavors.  One of my favorite things to order at “my” Thai place is spring rolls, and these look like an even more intense version with the crispy char on that shrimp!


4.  Tablespoon:  Cosmo Jello Shots.  I may trade a margarita for one of these super mature Cosmo Jello Shots.  Cosmos were so alluring to me as a college student in the early 2000s –Carrie Bradshaw made them look so sophisticated and classy, and it was the first thing I wanted to try when I could get my hands on the ingredients.  211bff68-1fea-4b79-8d56-a968913833e2.jpg


5.  Freutcake:  Ricotta White Bean Dip with Roasted Tomatoes.  I’ve made a few sauces with white beans (like for this pasta) that are basically like hummus, but the ricotta in this one would add a super luxurious, whipped texture that would contrast perfectly with those burst tomatoes and some crackers.Ricotta-White-Bean-Dip-7


6.  Baking a Moment:  Blackberry Goat Cheese Cheesecake.   More goat cheese!  I’ve heard of putting ricotta in a cheesecake, but I’d seriously never considered this.  Tangy, sweet blackberries with creamy, tangy goat cheese.  It’s such an unexpected-but-why-haven’t-I-thought-of-it creation! 1660edtext.jpg


7.  Food52:  Roasted Artichoke Leaf App with Feta + Black Olives.  I have the utmost respect for artichokes.  It’s up there as one of my favorite foods because of the way it’s designed.  You really have to work for the creamy gold that’s at the heart of the artichoke.  I’ve only made them from raw once (before I was heavily blogging), and I’ve been meaning to do it again and write about it and make some authentic aioli.  But…things have gotten in the way.  Sometimes I get ideas and they sit on the back burner for a year (there’s stuff I’ve been meaning to make since I started blogging full-time last July and still haven’t done).  Then there’s stuff I conceive, write, cook, and photograph within 2 days time (like sometimes you just know it’s a winner!).  This and this are prime examples.  Anyways…I just love anything artichoke, and I really like the idea of peeling it all apart at once and then covering it in all these mediterranean flavors. 1aa5c734-7c92-4d73-9742-02b9de512376--2017-0328_artichoke-leaf-nachos_james-ransom-090.jpg


8.  The Food Gays:  Summer BBQ Pizza.  I first found these dudes on Insta, and I was drawn to their out-of-this-world photography.   The grilled pizzas just look incredibly fresh, and I can almost taste that crispy crust.  And again we have these beautiful heirloom tomatoes.   Photo-2016-05-13-12-36-49-AM-1.jpg