My Favorite Food Blogs: Best All-Around

My Favorite Food Blogs:  Best All-Around 

Inspiration is everywhere, and I really like seeing what other people are doing with food.  I read a lot of food blogs and follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram, and there are so many different styles and angles to work with food.  Some do it for the photography (like this Insta account).  Some focus on family food, many are vegan, or allergy-free.  There’s all kinds of ethnic stuff, some catering, some just really good tried and true, well-tested recipes.  Some feature crazy mash-up recipes.  I mean, it’s really all out there.  My focus is budget-conscious food that can please a whole family, but at the same time is fun and interesting for the person cooking it!  I love finding specialty ingredients, but using them in a way that doesn’t feel too unfamiliar.  

Here are my favorite food bloggers.  I’ll tell you my impression of them and what I like about them.  I do like lots of other blogs, but I mainly like them because I love the photography.  Photography is something I’m a beginner at, so there are a lot I find visually inspiring.  I plan to do another post on those later.  

How Sweet It Is (by Jessica Merchant):  This is my number one blog, period.  I love Jessica’s conversational tone, her adventurous nature in the kitchen, and her photography.  She posts tons of crazy seasonal recipes and mashups that are nothing if not inspired.  Her recipes give me ideas for my own stuff, and I really appreciate that.  (Pictured is Jessica’s Tomato Cream Pasta with Grilled Cheese Crumbs.)

Two Peas and Their Pod (by Maria and Josh Lichty):  Maria and Josh post recipes of how I feel like I should be eating.  Maria is a vegetarian, but her husband and kids aren’t, so most of the food is vegetarian, but made friendly for meat eaters, too.  There’s some baking, but it’s all very approachable –lots of brownies and bars.  It’s unintimidating and practical, but with an unexpected way to combine flavors.  (Pictured is Maria and Josh’s Peach, Corn, and Avocado Salsa.)  Peach-Corn-and-Avocado-Salsa-4.jpg

Smitten Kitchen (by Deb Perelman):  Smitten Kitchen has been blogging since way before it was cool, and Deb has a huge catalog of recipes.  My favorite key on her page is the “Surprise Me!” key because you’ll never know what you’ll find.  Her recipes are unique, well-tested, and of excellent quality.  She has mastered many of the classics –everything from Sticky Toffee Pudding to Dill Pickles.  Her photography is simple and approachable, but it captures the food in a beautiful way.  (Pictured are Bread and Butter Pickles.)4708685581_e20676bec2_z.jpg

Heather Christo (by Heather Christo):  Heather focuses on allergen free food, which could get boring if you’re not super creative.  But luckily Heather is amazingly creative, and she comes up with some gorgeous, creative, and (usually) healthy stuff.  Some of it is more aspirational for me, after all, Heather is a trained chef.  But I go to her site several times a week for inspiration, and it always delivers.  (Pictured is Heather’s Green Goddess Salad.)17174465428_b9ac1e798f_c.jpg

Lovely Little Kitchen (by Julie Gransee):  Julie’s stuff always looks earthy, warm, and inviting.  She posts family-friendly meals, always on the healthier side.  And she posts lots of desserts –but cute stuff like mini pies and homemade pop tarts.  (Pictured are Julie’s Whole Wheat Strawberry Rhubarb Fruit Pockets.)Strawberry-Rhubarb-Fruit-Pocket-10.jpg

Skinnytaste (by Gina Homolka):  Skinnytaste is great and unlike other blogs because every recipe is coded for all special diets, and all nutritional information is listed.  I can usually estimate my calories, but a lot of time is put in for this convenience, and I think it’s awesome!  (Pictured is Gina’s Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower Soupbrussel-cauliflower-soup-1.jpg

Donal Skehan (by Donal Skehan):  Donal’s blog is maybe my favorite, aesthetically speaking.  His photos make me feel like I’m looking into an Irish cottage.  The way he styles is simple, but very sophisticated and never too “tweezed.”  His recipes range from classic Irish comfort food to African, Indian, and Latin cuisines.  (Pictured is Donal’s Chicken Pot Pie)  Chicken-Pot-Pie-1-copy.jpg

Sally’s Baking Addiction (by Sally McKenney):  Sally’s specialty is baked goods, of course.  But she’s got great photography and baking basics tutorials, which are really helpful to me since those are my weakest areas!  Her White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodles are what inspired me to experiment with baking, and truly what gave me confidence to bake in general.  (Pictured is Sally’s Pinata Cake.)How-to-Make-a-Pinata-Cake-8.jpg


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