Bonus Post: Monthly Produce Guide

Bonus Post:  Monthly Produce Guide

One of my favorite food blogs is Cookie + Kate.  She has beautiful photos and creative, quality recipes.  All the recipes are vegetarian, and I am not a vegetarian.  I do love trying vegetarian cooking, and her recipes inspire me beyond a bean burrito or cheese pizza. 

Kate also has lots of helpful entries about what types of produce to buy at different times of the year.  She accompanies the lists with recipes from her own blog and recipes from some of her other favorite blogs.  I’m compiling her monthly list here as a reference for you (and for me).

C + K’s January Produce Guide

C + K’s February Produce Guide

C + K’s March Produce Guide

C + K’s April Produce Guide

C + K’s May Produce Guide

C + K’s June Produce Guide

C + K’s July Produce Guide

C + K’s August Produce Guide

C + K’s September Produce Guide

C + K’s October Produce Guide

C + K’s November Produce Guide

C + K’s December Produce Guide

[originally posted 8/31/2016]

[pictures updated 4/6/2017]

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