Pretty Things: April 2017

Pretty Things: April 2017

  1.  Jamie Oliver:  Raw Spring Salad.  Shaved asparagus takes one of the most elegant vegetables (in my opinion) to an even higher level.  They look like silky ribbons, and a really light, lemony dressing is perfect for this little salad.5IpZAvgW4pI9RN8dfL09hO.jpg



2.  Martha Stewart:  Lillet Spring Rose Cocktail.  Have you tried Lillet?  It’s heavenly, citrusy and sweet, but not too sweet.  I used to hate gin because I thought it “tasted like Christmas trees.”  Oh, 21-year-old self, what a dummy I was.  The juniper berries are what gives gin the “Christmas tree” flavor, but nowadays I like to think of it as herbaceous and grassy.  It goes really well with fruity drinks if you don’t want them to be too sweet (which is exactly how I like my drinks– a little sweet, but mostly herbaceous).  Of course the edible flowers are optional, but they do look very pretty.lillet-rose-cocktails-mld108276_vert.jpg

3.  How Sweet Eats:  Coney Island Cheesecake.  I have been dying to share and make this for months now!  I just didn’t think it was appropriate for the winter months.  I love How Sweet Eats so much; it’s one of my top 3 favorite blogs.  When I was looking through some archives late last year, I saw this rainbow-y, carnival, fantastic cheesecake.  And peanuts, ice cream cones, and animal crackers make the crust!  I’m just waiting until I have a reason to make (1).jpg


4.  Sweet Paul:  Pesto Bread in a Jar.  This pillowy pesto bread is something I could get used to seeing.  You know the parts inside are fluffy and yeasty, ribbons of pesto running through, and a crusty top.  How soon can we make this happen?4796501_281271_pest1


5.  Williams Sonoma:  Pasture Bunny Table Settings. Bunnies are very in right now.  Every time I go to a home store (which is a lot), I see these types of settings, very Beatrix Potter, very old fashioned English, and I love it.  Kids love them, too.pasture-bunny-table-runner-1-c.jpg


6.  Kirbie Cravings:  Rose Champagne Gummy Bears.  Aren’t these so cool?  First of all, grown up gummy bears.  Second, champagne extract?  They look like little jewels and would be really cool at a girl’s lunch or dinner, or as a gift.rose-champagne-gummy-bears-19.jpg

7.  Martha Stewart:  Fava Beans with Snap Peas and Mint.  This is all about aesthetics.  The different shades of green are really speaking to me. I’ve been trying to notice what I like about pictures of food in my journey to become a better food picture taker (I don’t think I can say photographer yet).  This is a perfect Easter side dish, almost monochromatic, but the mint really pops with a different texture, and I can’t stop looking at this photo.7b34e1b0b38ae1d2acce67a460d45be5.jpg


8.  Tutti Dolci:  Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake:    I admired this recipe and this specific Bundt pan for a while now.  Nordic Ware has a ton of really cute and different Bundt shapes, but this one (called Heritage) is my favorite.  I have a Bundt cake recipe coming soon, and this colorful one from Tutti Dolci was definitely my inspiration!  Blueberry-Lemon-Bundt-Cake-1-copy.jpg