Happy Birthday, JW!

Happy Birthday, JW!

Today is JW’s birthday.  Neither one of us really “do” gifts on birthdays unless we can think of something really good.  Throughout the year, we’ll get each other stuff if something catches our eye.  But when we try to do it on a holiday, we always end up 17265100_446151512390157_4369347119168953140_ngetting something the other person doesn’t really want.  Instead, our birthdays just mean we get to do whatever we want that day (within reason, I mean, no buying a boat on a whim or getting face tattoos), and the birthday person gets to have whatever they want for dinner.  I always choose takeout Thai or Indian because I’m the cook in the family (and it’s my night off!).  For JW’s birthday dinner, I’m making this –simple, but it’s his fave, and it’s really cold outside.  And for dessert, he doesn’t care as long as it 1) has chocolate and 2) is cake-like.  I decided it was the perfect time to try out Ina’s Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake.  It’s AMAZING! And super easy.  No baking.  Get the recipe here.  Other than eating, JW spent the rest of the day building the kids’ clubhouse.


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