Pretty Things: March 2017

1.  Food in Literature. This is the site I where I found the recipe for Turkish Delight.  I started clicking around and realized how cool this site is!  The site owner, Bryt, creates recipes and theme parties all based around food from different books.  There’s tons of ideas, from Great Gatsby to Peter Rabbit, and everything in between.  This would be a really fun thing to do with kids during or after they’ve finished reading a new book.  If it’s a big-name one, chances are, there’s a recipe on the site from it.wonka-fudge-mountain1.jpg


2.  Bobby Flay:  Strawberry Waffles with Strawberry Black Pepper Butter and Lemon Curd Cream.   Strawberries are one of the first spring fruits I am excited to see in the stores.  I guess you can buy them all year, but they don’t start tasting good until early spring.  Last year, I made a strawberry jalapeno salsa that I plan to share once strawberries are in season, but until then, I’d never thought to mix strawberry with something spicy.  The spice from the hot pepper was such a complement to the floral strawberry.  Give these waffles a chance, if only for the Strawberry Black Pepper Butter.  cq5dam.web.400.300.jpeg


3.  Donal Skehan:  Irish Soda Bread.  I love finding new food blogs.  Donal is an American-based Irish food blogger.  He has recipes for everything from Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Soup to Shepherd’s Pie, all beautiful and inventively photographed (see the Shepherd’s Pie).  What better month than March to share his site?Buttermilk-Soda-Bread-TV_2.jpg


4.  Hello Glow:  Rosewater and Pink Clay Soap.  My experiments in the health and beauty world haven’t yet reached soap.  Soap is more complicated than masks or scrubs.  But I do love rose and rosewater.  Not to mention these earthy soaps look gorgeous and would be a great gift for any lady in your life.  capture


5.  Real Simple:  Chicken Tagine with Apricot and Pistachios.  I have tried Thai cooking, African cooking, and even played around with Middle Eastern flavors in simple dishes.  One thing I haven’t tried that I want to is Moroccan Tagine.  This isn’t the first Moroccan dish I’ve featured in one of my “listicles.”  That should tell me something, right?  I need to stop procrastinating.  Real Simple Dec 2016 Big Batch: Chicken and Apricot Tagine


6.  Egyptian Magic:  All Purpose Skin Cream.I heard of this skin cream in a celebrity interview.  Usually celebrities recommend skincare products that are like $400 an ounce.  I was intrigued by the humble packaging of Egyptian Magic, the fact that it is available at Whole Foods, and the modest price ($40 for 4 ounces).  This is not a moisturizer replacement, but it works best as a once nightly cream.  Put it on before bed each night, and it will make a difference.  I have noticed it.  I wouldn’t put it on during the day only because it will look oily.  The only ingredients are olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis.Screen-Shot-2016-04-26-at-11.46.13.png

7.  Drinkwire:  Chocolate Guinness Float.  If you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without getting sloshed, indulge in a dessert/cocktail combination.  It’s got enough Guinness for a good Irish kick, but it’s not so loaded you’ll get knocked down.8e36d4514a57a3efd0f2257fcb51bdcfd4b50a98.jpg


8.  Pottery Barn:  Faux Fern and Dogwood Wreath.  Dogwood trees blooming are one of my favorite first signs of spring.  When I lived in Tennessee, they were everywhere (even my elementary school was called Dogwood).  Living in Florida for so long, I started to forget about them altogether.  One of the first things I appreciated about living on the east coast were the beautiful dogwood trees and the other signs of spring, like the smell of pollen in the air, bunnies hopping around.  I also appreciate the symbolism of the dogwood flower.faux-fern-dogwood-wreath-c.jpg




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