Desperate Housewives: In the Kitchen 

Desperate Housewives:  In the Kitchen.  

What are they really telling us? 

  1.  “Radishes take on a new whimsical quality when suspended in New Celery Flavor JELL-O® Gelatin for Salads.”  -Anne Marie Whitman, 19651

2.  “Dear, if you ply the Murphy’s with enough Ballantine’s Ale©®, they’ll never notice I burned the pot roast.”  -Cynthia Dearfield, 19572.jpg

3.  “Bud, do you think your father’s secretary is prettier than I am?”  -Helen Baker, 19553

4.  “When Jim sees me balancing all these Coca Cola’s©® on a tray without spilling, he’ll pin me for sure!” -Jean Billingsley-Wells, 19495.jpg

5.  “You’d never guess the secret to my chocolate cake is Farmer Peet’s©® Open Kettle Rendered Lard.  Not only is it tastier than butter, it’s also better for you!”  -Peggy Nelson, 19536

6.  “Sue and Carol can’t even make a satisfying bowl of Campbell’s Chicken and Stars Soup©® without screwing it up.  They’d better watch their figures and pay attention in sewing class, or they’ll never find a man to take care of them.”  -Shirley Daugherty, 19597.jpg

7.  “Thank goodness for Roche brand Valium©®.” -Margaret Walker, 19624

8.  “If only I could trust Eddie like I trust my authentic stainless steel cookware by Magnalite©®.”  –Bette Jenkins, 1960SEP020660

9.  “Hey girls, my waist is smaller, my breasts are pointier, and my Kelvinator©® is better stocked.  Now who wants ham?” -Kitty McEntire, 19529.jpg

10.  “When no one is looking, I eat Nestle Toll House©® Premium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough right out of the tube.” -Ginger Lewis, 196410.jpg

This post is dedicated to Mary Elizabeth.


  1. This is amazing!!! These old ads are fun on their own (art and housework!) but with your brilliant insights they are sublime!

    I love your blog – what an amazing reflection of your beautiful life and creativity!!!

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