Rejuvenating 2-Ingredient Face Mask

Rejuvenating 2-Ingredient Face Mask

I don’t wear makeup, but I love skin care.  I seriously neglected my skin in my 20s, and it showed.  But now I am extra careful with it.

Don’t skimp:  really get the mask all over!

This is the easiest, most instantly effective at-home beauty treatment I’ve ever tried.  It has 2 ingredients, and I bet 90% of homes have them right now. 

I love using face masks.  It’s my favorite of all beauty treatments.  And I especially love at-home beauty treatments.  This one seriously makes your skin feel softer and look brighter after about 15 minutes.  This recipe makes 2 masks only because I use one egg white, and it’s difficult to split that in half.  But maybe you’ll have a willing (or unwilling) participant nearby who will wear the other half.

When you use this mask, don’t neglect your neck.  As far as aging goes, the neck ages right along with the face, but it’s easy to forget.  Normally you shouldn’t use 2 masks in one day, but a great follow-up to this would be a moisturizing sheet mask.  Not only do they feel great, but you can scare your family members with your mummy face. 

Total time:  25 minutes

Makes 2 masks

Difficulty Level:  Easy


1 egg white (not the pre-separated whites sold in a carton)

2-3 tablespoons of espresso ground coffee (I use Café Bustelo)

After moisturizing, but no makeup or editing on the photo.
  1. Mix the egg white and espresso together in a bowl with a fork.  Use enough espresso to make the mask less runny.
  2. Apply mask generously all over face and neck.
  3. Wait about 10 minutes, or until it feels dry.
  4. I always go in the shower to take it off. Before you rinse it away, use the espresso grounds to exfoliate your skin.  Rinse thoroughly, then wash with a cleanser.
  5. That’s it. I promise you will notice a difference immediately!


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